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(October 2023)
some videos in which I had a part..
Jay Interview, 6:10min video shot for Grade 12 English Class project
COPS 'Drug Bust', 3:31min video shot for Grade 12 English Class project
some of my websites..
Skinware Shirts .com
Lightning - Web Design .com
Marc Stas .com
(Flash site)
My 'full Flash' site is still available to browse (by clicking the image in this panel). I wanted to keep it alive as I'm adding new 3D Flash mini-movies and may also update that website. As the introduction to that 3D Flash site is a little long already, I have chosen to make all additions separate and have them available on this page in the 'flash animations' panel.
I may also periodically update the page if I think it needs it (whether the intro or outro or the main content).
'Fate' is a human construct and would require me to believe in the supernatural.
And while I believe there are an infinite number of things we've yet to discover about life and living and being and moving through our existence such as we can know it ..I do not believe in 'fate' as we've defined it so narrowly, so far.
I rather believe we each walk our own path and no matter what we achieve in life, or what sets us back and we perceive as failure, we'll end up where we're supposed to be at the end of it ..whether the 'end' is at the age of 1 or 100.

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These are being reworked..

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